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Weight loss

We gain weight because of habits we form, often subconsciously. Everything we do in life is habitual, especially eating. The speed at which you eat, the amount you eat, even when you eat, these are all habits that can be broken by hypnosis. Over eating is a habit - one I can cure you of in three sessions.

My form of hypnosis involves me opening up your unconscious mind to the power of positive suggestion. First, I talk you into a deeply relaxed state where you are at all times in control and aware of your surroundings. I then use a technique called neuro linguistic programming (NLP) to help you let go of the associations you have with over-eating.

Losing weight is associated with depriving yourself of foods you like so weight loss becomes an uphill struggle. The good news is that with my hypnosis and NLP the path to shedding pounds is completely different. After three sessions you will find that the love handles, the fat belly and bingo wings have begun to go, without you depriving yourself of anything.

My sessions are individually tailored to you, because everyone's bad eating habits are unique to them. I help remove the bad associations and habits you have with food, and replace them with a positive outlook on your diet, your self-image, and your sense of self worth. Results may vary from person to person but the success rate at Hypnotherapy Clinic for weight loss is very high and there is absolutely no dieting or gym workouts involved. Many people are sceptical on their first visit to me. But when they are weighed after one week, they are surprised to find how much they have lost without having to diet.