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Lose weight with hypnosis at Hypnotherapy Clinic

You could lose weight with hypnosis at Hypnotherapy Clinic

We gain weight because of habits we form, often subconsciously. Everything we do in life is habitual, especially eating. The speed at which you eat, the amount you eat, even when you eat, these are all habits that can be broken by hypnosis. Over eating is a habit - one I can cure you of in three sessions.

My form of hypnosis involves me opening up your unconscious mind to the power of positive suggestion. First, I talk you into a deeply relaxed state where you are at all times in control and aware of your surroundings. I then use a technique called neuro linguistic programming (NLP) to help you let go of the associations you have with over-eating.

Losing weight is associated with depriving yourself of foods you like so weight loss becomes an uphill struggle. The good news is that with my hypnosis and NLP the path to shedding pounds is completely different. After three sessions you will find that the love handles, the fat belly and bingo wings have begun to go, without you depriving yourself of anything.

My sessions are individually tailored to you, because everyone's bad eating habits are unique to them. I help remove the bad associations and habits you have with food, and replace them with a positive outlook on your diet, your self-image, and your sense of self worth. Results may vary from person to person but the success rate at Hypnotherapy Clinic for weight loss is very high and there is absolutely no dieting or gym workouts involved. Many people are sceptical on their first visit to me. But when they are weighed after one week, they are surprised to find how much they have lost without having to diet.

The 3 session weight loss program

Session 1

The 3 session program is a set program which is tailored around your needs with no need for dieting.

To start the program off we have a 2 hour session where you are weighed and measured and then we can discuss your habits, weaknesses and relationship with food. Then using the hypnosis we can start to change your personal habits.

Session 2

After around a week later your second session will be around 1 and 1/2 hours. During this session your are weighed and measured again so you can see how much weight you may of lost and then we start to discuss what has happened since the 1st session. If something needs changing or tweaking then we can found out which direction to take the session, or if everything is working the way you want it to then we can enforce your new habits and make losing weight even easier.

Session 3

This session is again around a week later and can last around 1 and 1/2 hours. You are weighed and measured again and we have another chat about what has been happening since your last session. This session is about helping you make sure that you can maintain your weight loss so you can achieved your desired target weight and can leave the clinic feeling you can become slim.

What to expect

Although results can vary from person to person, most clients start to notice that they feel more full than usual when eating so they begin to naturally eat less. Also the bad eating habits like comfort eating, nibbling etc begin to fade away after the 1st session and clients report being able to say no to bad foods without an effort.

After care

If you feel you need more help or even just a chat you can always come back and have a "top up" if you feel you need to.